Toshiba 3 cups TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker

Multi-functional rice cooker (8 pre-programmed menus)
24 Hour Delay Timer
Compact, modern and sleek design
Newer model (released in 2021)
Longer keep warm time (up to 24 hours)
Quick and easy cleaning (inner lid and vent are detachable)
Affordable price

Product Details

Brand: Toshiba
Type: Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker
Size: 3 cups
 120 Volts
 Approx. 6.6 lbs.
Country of origin: China
Date First Available: July 10, 2021

Cooking options

Rice (white) cook time: N/A
Quick cook time:N/A
Keep warm time: Up to 24 hours
Cooking options: white rice
brown rice
mixed grain
quick rice
slow cook


Rice scooper, soup ladle, measuring cup

Cleaning Instructions

The inner lid and vent are detachable for quick and easy cleaning.

Replacement Parts

The replacement parts are not available for sale online. The customers need to email or call the customer support with the replacement parts order.

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Instructions Manual

Click here to download

Warranty Information

Parts and Labor: 1 year
Eligible Country: U.S.A. and Canada
The warranty information is listed on the page 26 of the Instructions Manual.


The size 3 cups is perfect for singles, couples, and smaller family households. The timer function and the quick and easy cleaning option are great for a busy household!

This rice cooker can cook not only different kinds of rice, soup, and the dishes, but also bake cake too!

The design is sleek and modern and the white color is a safe and neutral color that works well with any kitchen color.

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