REVIEW: Toshiba 3 cups TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker


Pros and Cons

✅ Multi-functional rice cooker (8 pre-programmed menus).
✅ Smart fuzzy logic technology.
✅ 24 Hour Delay Timer.
✅ Compact, modern and sleek design.
✅ Newer model (released in 2021).
✅ Longer keep warm time (up to 24 hours).
✅ Quick and easy cleaning (inner lid and vent are detachable).
✅ 1.7 mm thick inner pot
✅ Affordable price.

LED smart digital panel can be too sensitive.
Too small for a larger family of 4 or more.

I love the thick (1.7 mm) inner pan! It looks long lasting and durable!

Heating element

I like the design of the inner pot! There is no deep gap around the inner pot of the rice cooker. It does not collect any residue/dried rice.

The LED smart digital panel is simple and user-friendly, however, it is too sensitive. When opening and closing the lid, try not to touch the panel to avoid accidentally touching the buttons!

I tried both Quick Cook and Which Rice cooking options. The Quick Cook option takes 30 minutes to cook and the White Rice (regular) cooking option takes 50 minutes too cook rice.

I recommend using the latter option as rice tasted better and sweeter with White Rice option. If you are using the Quick Cook option, make sure to soak rice for at least 30 minutes in the summer (60 minutes in the winter). Rice needs to absorb water before cooking. This step will make the cooked rice more fluffy and tasty! 

Customer Reviews

Good/Positive Reviews


Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

– This rice-cooker made me fall in love with rice all over again!
– Easy to use with perfect results.
– Wish I had this sooner.
– A fine addition to the kitchen, impressive!
– I had a all different rice cooker before this one is a best!
– As good as Zojirushi rice cookers for half the price.


Bad/Negative Reviews


Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

– wish it came in a larger size . I can’t feed my family with this size but it would be great for 2/3 people households.
– Very confusing instructions on how to use and how much water to put in this thing…

– Works great with the only exception that the touch pad is so sensitive that you may unintentionally turn the cooker on.


If you need a larger capacity, click below to learn more about the size 6-cup model.

While some customers have found the instructions to be confusing, there are many helpful instructional videos available on YouTube that demonstrate how to cook various types of rice in Japanese rice cookers.

Product Summary

If you’re in the market for a compact, efficient, and multi-functional rice cooker, then the Toshiba 3 cups TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker is an excellent option to consider. This rice cooker is designed to provide you with perfectly cooked rice every time, while also offering a range of convenient and useful features that will make meal preparation a breeze.

The TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker has a 3-cup capacity, making it perfect for small households or for those who prefer to cook smaller quantities of rice. It features a non-stick inner pot, which is easy to clean and ensures that your rice won’t stick or burn.

One of the standout features of the TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker is its ability to cook a variety of different dishes, including rice, porridge, soup, and cake. This multi-functional capability means that you can use the rice cooker for a range of different meals, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen. The rice cooker also has a keep-warm function, which automatically switches on after cooking and keeps your rice at the perfect serving temperature for up to 24 hours.

Another great feature of the TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker is its easy-to-use interface. The rice cooker has a simple, one-touch control panel, which makes it easy to select the cooking mode you need. It also has an LED display, which shows you the cooking time and the status of the rice cooker.

In terms of design, the TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker is compact and stylish. It has a sleek and modern design, with a color that will complement any kitchen decor. The rice cooker is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around and store when not in use.

Overall, the Toshiba 3 cups TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker is a fantastic investment for anyone who loves rice and wants a versatile and efficient rice cooker that can do more than just cook rice. With its compact size, multi-functional capabilities, and user-friendly interface, this rice cooker is an excellent addition to any kitchen!

Smart Fuzzy Logic technology

This model comes with the Smart Fuzzy Logic technology. The fuzzy logic controller microchip in the rice cooker can think like humans and adjust the cooking temperature and time to make the perfect tasting rice every single time! (more details are explained in this article about the fuzzy logic)

Comparison Table – Small (3 cups) Japanese Rice Cookers

List Price (USD)*$330$185$184.50$172$89.99
Keep warm time
12 hours +12 hours12 hours12 hours24 hours
Easy cleaning**✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Delay Timer Setting✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Rice cook time
40-50 min50-60 min50-60 min51-60 minN/A
Quick cook time
24-35 min27-39 min27-39 min25-40 minN/A
Built-in retractable
power cord
Slow cooking
Sushi rice✅ ✅ 
Mixed rice✅ ✅ 
Brown rice✅ ✅ 
GABA brown rice✅ 
Multi-grain rice
Jasmine rice 
Steel cut oatmeal 
* List price is the suggested retail price of a product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller.
** The definition of the easy cleaning is both the steam vent cap and the inner lid are detachable.

To compare TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker to other 3 cups models, click the link below!”

Product Details

Brand: Toshiba
Type: Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker
Size: 3 cups
Product dimension: 11 x 9 x 8 inches
 120 Volts
 Approx. 6.6 lbs.
Country of origin: China
Date First Available: July 10, 2021
List Price*: $89.99
*At the time of publication. List price is the suggested retail price of a product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller.

Cooking options

Rice (white) cook time: 50 min
Quick cook time:30 min
Keep warm time: Up to 24 hours
Cooking options: white rice
brown rice
mixed grain
quick rice
slow cook


Rice scooper, soup ladle, measuring cup

Cleaning Instructions

The inner lid and vent are detachable for quick and easy cleaning.

Replacement Parts

The replacement parts are not available for sale online. The customers need to email or call the customer support with the replacement parts order.

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Instructions Manual

Warranty Information

Parts and Labor: 1 year
Eligible Country: U.S.A. and Canada
The warranty information is listed on the page 26 of the Instructions Manual.

Is Toshiba good rice cooker brand?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of options when searching for a Japanese rice cooker?

With so many brands to choose from, such as Tiger, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Zojirushi, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs.

If you are considering a Toshiba rice cooker, you can rest assured that it is a high-quality and reliable brand. Here’s why:

Toshiba was the first company in the world to release an automatic electric rice cooker in 1955, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and design.

Toshiba is a well-established company founded in 1904 with a long history of developing high-quality products, including rice cookers.

Toshiba’s philosophy is centered around attention to detail and innovation, ensuring that each product is both functional and beautiful. While Toshiba lifestyle products and services corporation was bought by Chinese group company, Midea, in 2016, the brand still maintains its commitment to quality.

In addition to its reputation for producing excellent rice cookers, Toshiba is also well-known for its computer-related products in America. You may even remember seeing the “TOSHIBA” electronic billboard in the heart of New York’s Times Square during the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Overall, Toshiba rice cookers are trusted and loved by many repeat customers around the world, making it a great choice for your next rice cooker.