Panasonic SR-HZ106 5-Cup (Uncooked) Induction Heating System Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker, Black

Made in Japan
Multi-functional rice cooker – 16 pre-set menus
5 layer induction heating technology
7 layer Diamond Copper inner pan
Compact and stylish design
24H timer setting
Detachable inner lid set and the steam vent cap for easy cleaning

Product Details

Brand: Panasonic
Type: IH (Induction Heating)
Item Number: SR-HZ106
Size: 5 cups
120 Volts
Approx. 9.7 lbs
Country of origin: Japan
Date First Available: May 7, 2015

Cooking options

Rice (white) cook time: Approx. 56  min
Quick cook time:Approx. 23 – 33 min
Keep warm time: Up to 12 hours
Cooking options: delicious
brown rice
frozen rice
hot cereals
slow cooked option
steam option


Steaming basket, Rice scooper, Cereal scooper and Measuring cup

Cleaning Instructions

The steam vent cap and the inner lid set are detachable for easy cleaning.

Replacement Parts

SRHZ106 Panasonic Replacement Parts - Panasonic
SRHZ106 Panasonic 5 Cup Induction Rice Cooker | Panasonic replacement parts & accessories


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Warranty Information

Parts and Labor: 1 year
Eligible Country: U.S.A. and Canada

Warranty and Repair Information Panasonic USA - Panasonic North America


This model is perfect for a family of 4. It is made in Japan and the top-of-the-line rice cooker by Panasonic.

If you are looking for a Made in Japan, multi-functional IH rice cooker, this is the one. It has everything needed to cook the delicious rice, 12 hour timer, top-of-the-liner inner pan, 5 layer IH technology, stylish and compact design. I meant EVERYHING.

The IH (Induction Heating) rice cooker was invented in 1988 and uses the IH source to cook rice. It can cook rice more evenly and keep rice warm for a longer period of time without being dried out thanks to the induction heating source compared to the micom rice cooker. Because of this advanced heating function, hence the price tag is higher for the IH rice cooker.

If you are making more than 3 cups of rice, the IH rice cooker is better option as the micom (microcomputer) rice cooker is not good for making a large batch of rice due to the location of the heating source.

The 12 Hour timer function is great for a busy household (you can set the timer in the morning and it will be ready by the time you get home!).