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Toshiba Rice Cooker | The Complete Guide: Every Model, Explained!

If you are considering a Toshiba rice cooker, you can rest assured that it is a high-quality and reliable brand. Here's why:
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Which Zojirushi rice cookers are Made in Japan?

Which Zojirushi rice cookers are Made in Japan? Check this comparison table that highlights the differences between various models for easy comparison!
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Top 3 BEST Japanese Rice Cookers under $100 in 2024

While Japanese rice cookers are typically associated with higher price tags, the good news is that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy the superior rice-cooking capabilities they offer!
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Which Transformer To Buy with Japanese Rice Cooker? Will Japanese Rice Cooker Work in the USA or Canada?

When it comes to cooking rice, many people believe that using a rice cooker is the easiest and most convenient way ...
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Top 5 BEST Multi-Functional Japanese Rice Cookers | 2024

Japanese rice cookers offer more than just cooking rice; they are versatile multi-cookers. To help you choose the right one, I've compiled a list of 12 Japanese rice cookers with multi-functional cooking options. Find your BEST Japanese multi-functional rice cooker suits your needs and budget!
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Top 3 Best “Made in Japan” IH (Induction Heating) Japanese Rice Cookers | 2024

Why IH Rice Cooker made in Japan is the Best Choice? The Induction Heating (IH) rice cooker is a popular mid-ran...
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REVIEW: Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker with Pre-Programmed Cooking Options for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup – 1.0 Liter – SR-CN108 (White)

This model is perfect for a family of 3 - 5. It is a multi-functional rice cooker which offers 16 pre-set menu! It can even bake bread and cake! It is affordable and light/compact model. The 12 Hour delay timer function is great for a busy household (you can set the timer in the morning and it will be ready by the time you get home!).
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Why are Japanese rice cookers so expensive? Is it worth paying more?

Japanese brand rice cookers are often priced higher than other rice cookers on the market. You may be wondering wha...
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How to Cook Perfect Rice in Pot | 5 easy and simple steps!

It your are a casual rice eater (eat rice only once a week or a few times a month), it might be better option for y...
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Is peeling inner pot safe? Is it time to replace it? How to preserve the inner pot for a longer time!

Is peeling inner pot safe? When to replace it and How to preserve the inner pot for a longer time!