REVIEW: Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U (5.5 cups), JBX-B18U (10 cups) Rice Cooker, White


Pros and Cons

✅ Multi-functional cooker (8 menu settings)
✅ Delay timer setting
✅ 12 hours keep warm option
✅ Detachable inner lid set and
vent steam cap for easy cleaning
✅ Syncro-cooking function “tacook”
makes it possible to cook main dish
and rice at the same time
✅ Newer model and design (control panel at the top)
✅ Affordable price
Peeling inner pot
Thinner and lighter inner pot
Only one delay timer setting

Customer Reviews

Good/Positive Reviews


Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

 Excellent product. Easy, reliable, versatile.
The Only Rice Cooker You’ll Need
Rice tastes amazing
Breeze to clean, easy to cook.
Save time with the tacook plate
Works perfectly, rice always comes out consistently
Best rice cooker on Amazon PRICE/QUALITY


Bad/Negative Reviews


Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

 Inner pot peels, no replacements available


It is recommended to use the bowl or strainer to wash rice to preserve the inner pot. Read this article for more tips on how to preserve the inner pot for a longer time!!

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Product Summary

The size 5.5 cups is perfect for family of 4 and the size 10 cups is perfect for family of 6 and more.

This model is perfect if you are looking for an affordable rice cooker with the multi-functional cooking options! It is a newer model (released in 2019) with a stylish design.

Tiger Corporation has made the investment in the additional repair centers in order to better serve their customers in the United States. The additional repair centers can be found here.

Newsroom - Tiger-Corporation

Product Details

Brand: Tiger
Type: Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker
Model Number: JBX-B10U (5.5 cups), JBX-B18U (10 cups)
Size: 5.5 cups, 10 cups
Product dimensions: W11.3″ x D13.7″ x H9.5″ (5.5 cups), W12.4″ x D15.0″ x H10.3″ (10 cups)
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: Approx. 8.6 lbs. (5.5 cups), Approx. 10.6 lbs. (10 cups)
Country of origin: China
Date First Available: July 26, 2019
List price*: $74.68 (5.5 cups), $129.95 (10 cups)
*At the time of publication. List price is the suggested retail price (USD) of a product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller.

Cooking options

Rice (white) cook time: Approx. 32 – 46 min
Quick cook time:Approx. 24 – 36 min
Keep warm time: Up to 12 hours
Cooking options: plain rice
quick rice
short grain rice
mixed rice
brown rice
slow cook


Rice scooper, Measuring Cup, Cooking Plate, Cookbook

Cleaning Instructions

The inner lid and the steam vent cap are detachable for cleaning.

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Replacement Parts

Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker | Tiger USA Spare Parts Store

Instructions Manual

Warranty Information

Parts and Labor: 1 year
Eligible Country: U.S.A. and Canada

タイガー魔法瓶の会員サイト|TIGER FOREST

Is Tiger a good rice cooker brand?

You have started searching for Japanese rice cookers and wondered:

  • There are too many options to choose from!
  • Which brand is best for my needs..? Tiger, Toshiba, Panasonic, Zojirushi..?
  • I have decided on Tiger rice cooker but is Tiger a good rice cooker brand?

Tiger is one of the best Japanese rice cooker brands. Here are why:

A top class knowledge and expertise in the heat control technology.

Tiger corporation (then Kikuchi manufacturer) is a well-established company founded in 1923 (it celebrates 100-year anniversary in 2023!) with a long history of developing good quality rice cookers.

Tiger corporation was first in the industry to release an IH rice cooker which had a ceramic inner pot in 2006.*1

The Real Meaning Behind Tiger’s Brand Name

Tiger Corporation’s history started with glass vacuum bottles in 1923. It was thought that the glass vacuum bottles are fragile and breakable back then. Tiger Corporation decided on the animal logo “Tiger” to promote the strength of durability of the product.

Another reason is that the founder’s father was born in the year of the tiger. He named the company “Tiger” to show the gratitude for his father.*2