Tiger JBV-S18U 10-Cup Microcomputer Controlled 4-in-1 Rice Cooker (White)

✅ Multi-functional cooker
✅ Delay timer setting
✅ Syncro-cooking function “tacook” makes it possible to cook main dish and rice at the same time
✅ Made in Japan

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Product Details

Brand: Tiger
Type: Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker
Size: 10 cups
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: Approx. 7.5 lbs.
Country of origin: Japan
Date First Available: May 16, 2017

Cooking options

Rice (white) cook time: Approx. 43 – 74 min
Quick cook time:Approx. 23 – 44 min
Keep warm time: Up to 12 hours
Cooking options: Plain Rice
Mixed Rice
Brown Rice
Slow Cooking
Sweet Rice
Steam Cooking
Multi-grain Rice


Taccok Plate, Rice scooper, Scooper holder, Measuring Cup, Recipe Cookbook

Cleaning Instructions

The pressure control cap is detachable for cleaning.

Replacement Parts

Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker | Tiger USA Spare Parts Store

Instructions Manual

Click here to download

Warranty Information

Parts and Labor: 1 year
Eligible Country: U.S.A. and Canada

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The size 10 cups is perfect for family of 6 +.

This model is made in Japan.

Tiger Corporation has made the investment in the additional repair centers in order to better serve their customers in the United States. The additional repair centers can be found here.

TIGER CORPORATION Warranty and Service Centers have been updated - TIGER CORPORATION U.S.A. | Rice Cookers, Small kitchen electronics
Micom Rice Cooker
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