Is peeling inner pot safe? Is it time to replace it? How to preserve the inner pot for a longer time!

Is peeling inner pot safe?

I noticed that the nonstick coating of the inner pot of my rice cooker started to peel off.

I wondered is it safe to keep using it? Is it harmful to my health?

Although rice has a greater tendency to stick when the fluorine coating of the inner pan peels, you can be assured that it does not interfere with functionality or sanitation. Even if you accidentally eat the peelings with the rice, none remains in the body because it is excreted without any absorption.

According to the Panasonic website, it is safe to keep using it and it is not harmful to my health.

Apparently, the fluorine coating could peel easily.

I used to put the spoons and forks in the inner pot in the sink after use and it is obviously not recommended!

After each use, put lukewarm water in the inner pot and let it sit for a bit until the rice softens.

Always use the soft sponge to clean inside the pot. It is not recommended to wash it in the dishwasher as the chemicals in the dishwashing detergent could damage the coating.

DOs and DON’Ts

Use a soft sponge.
Use the bowl or strainer to wash rice.

Put in a dishwasher.
Leave the utensils in the inner pot.
Wash rice in the inner pot.

Although it is safe to keep using the inner pot with the coating peeled, the cooked rice tends to stick to the peeled spot and it gets difficult to clean the spot after each use. It starts to affect the cooking temperature as well.

Once the coating starts to peel, the inner pot deteriorates quicker unfortunately.

The life of Inner pot. Is it time to replace it?

The life of the inner pot is between 3 to 5 years, however, if the rice cooker is working perfectly fine, you can just replace the inner pot with a new one!

The replacement parts information is listed in the rice cooker catalog under 4. Replacement Parts.

How to preserve the inner pot for a longer time

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⬆️ It says “The rice can be rinsed deliciously as the rinse water runs down these holes quicky”. in Japanese.

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⬆️ The top says “These bumps wash rice deliciously” and the bottom says “Drainage” in Japanese.

This rice washing bowl is made in Japan and made specifically for washing rice.

It is a worth while investment to preserve the inner pot for a longer time!