Best Picks!

Top 3 BEST Japanese Rice Cookers under $100 in 2022

Japanese rice cookers are known to be a bit pricier than other rice cookers, however, these 3 Japanese rice cookers...
Best Picks!

Top 5 BEST Multi-Functional Japanese Rice Cookers | 2022

Japanese rice cookers can not only cook rice but also works as a multi-cooker! If you would like to cook rice more ...
Japanese Rice Cooker

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Japanese Rice Cookers | All models explained.

Japanese rice cookers by size (3, 5, 5.5, 6, 10 cups). All Models, Explained! You will find your best Japanese rice cookers here!
IH Rice Cooker

Toshiba 5.5 cups Low Carb Digital Programmable Multi-functional Rice Cooker TRSH01

This newer model (released in 2021) is for diabetics or health conscious individuals as it comes with a low carb cooking option, can cook brown, mixed grain, quinoa, slow, and oatmeal. It can remove unhealthy digestive starch by up to 37% and increase healthy resistant starch by up to 34%, tested by the world's leading CVC verification. The design is sleek and modern and the white color is a safe and neutral color that works well with any kitchen color!
Micom Rice Cooker

Toshiba 3 cups TRCS02 Mini Multi-functional Rice Cooker

This Japanese brand multi-functional rice cooker is perfect for singles, couples, smaller family! It's affordable and newer model released in 2022.
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