How To Find your Best Japanese Rice Cooker in 3 simple steps! – Sizes, Types, Models

The quality of rice is an essential factor in making delicious Japanese dishes. To get the perfect texture and taste, a good rice cooker is necessary. However, with so many different brands, features, types, sizes, and price ranges available for Japanese brand rice cookers, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused during your search.

To simplify the process, let’s start by determining the appropriate size for your family!

Step 1: Pick the SIZE of Japanese Rice Cooker based on your family size!

Firstly, let’s review the size chart below to determine the appropriate size for your family’s needs.

Size 3 – 3.5 (cups)Size 5 – 5.5 (cups)Size 8 -10 (cups)
Single Person
Family of 3 – 5Family of 6 +
6 – 9 rice bowls10 – 15 rice bowls16 – 23 rice bowls
Rice Cooker Size Reference

For optimal taste and texture, it is recommended to choose a 5-5.5 cup rice cooker if you plan on making 3 cups of rice. This is because leaving extra space between the rice and the inner pan allows the grains to move and cook more naturally.

Therefore, it’s best to choose a size slightly larger than your actual needs!

Step 2: Pick the TYPE of Japanese Rice Cooker that suits your needs and budget!

There are three types of Japanese rice cookers available on the market today, each with their unique heating mechanisms, power levels, and price ranges.

  • Pressure IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker
  • IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker
  • Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker
Pressure IHIHMicom
Price RangeHigh ($500+)Middle ($300+)Low ($90+)
ProsEven heating,
Strongest heating power,
More cooking options,
Shorter cooking time,
Longer keep warm time
Even heating,
Precise and consistent
cooking results,
More cooking options,
Longer keep warm time
Light weight
ConsHeavy weight,
Heavy weight,
Uneven heating,
Not suitable for
cooking larger
volumes of rice

Pressure IH Rice Cooker

Image Credit: – Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer, 5.5 Cup, Stainless Black, Made in Japan

The Pressure IH Rice Cooker is the top-of-the-line option for those who want the best possible rice cooking experience. While it comes with a higher price tag compared to other types of rice cookers, its advanced technologies and numerous features make it well worth the investment!

One of the standout features of the Pressure IH Rice Cooker is its pressurized cooking, which results in evenly cooked rice in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, this type of rice cooker offers a wider range of cooking options, including the ability to make cake, bread, simmered dishes, and steamed dishes, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

If you’re looking for the ultimate rice cooking experience and have the budget to invest in a high-end rice cooker, the Pressure IH Rice Cooker is the way to go. Its advanced features and precise cooking capabilities make it a must-have for serious rice enthusiasts.

IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker

Image Credit: – Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1 L, Stainless Dark Gray

The IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker is a popular mid-range rice cooker in Japan, which was first invented in 1988. This type of rice cooker uses an IH source to cook rice, resulting in more even cooking and better temperature control than traditional heating methods.

Compared to the pressure IH rice cooker, the IH rice cooker has fewer cooking options but still offers precise and consistent results. Additionally, the IH rice cooker can keep rice warm for a longer period without drying it out, thanks to its induction heating source.

For larger batches of rice, the IH rice cooker is a better option than the micom (microcomputer) rice cooker, as the latter’s heating source location is not as efficient for larger volumes of rice.

Overall, the IH rice cooker is a great choice for those who want consistent and delicious rice without breaking the bank.

Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker

Image Credit: – Panasonic 10 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup – 1.8 Liter – SR-DF181 (White)

The Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker is the oldest type of rice cooker equipped with automatic heat control functions, which were first invented in 1979. This type of rice cooker is lightweight and has a low price point, making it an accessible option for those on a budget.

However, due to the location of its heating source at the bottom of the rice cooker, the Micom rice cooker is not ideal for making large batches of rice, as it may not cook the rice evenly. Despite this limitation, the Micom rice cooker is a great choice for single individuals or couples who want to make small batches of rice quickly and easily.

Overall, while the Micom rice cooker may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end rice cookers, it is still a reliable and affordable option for those who want a basic rice cooker for everyday use!

Difference – IH (Induction Heating) and Micom (Mircrocomputer) Rice Cookers

The IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker is designed with an induction heating coil, which provides strong and even heating throughout the cooking process. This makes it an excellent choice for cooking large batches of rice, as the heating power ensures that every grain is cooked evenly. Additionally, the strong heating power of the IH rice cooker helps to give rice a fluffy and delicious texture.

On the other hand, the Micom (Microcomputer) Rice Cooker uses a heating element located at the bottom of the rice cooker to transfer heat throughout the pot and cook the rice. While this heating method is effective for smaller batches of rice (up to 3 cups), it may not be suitable for larger batches as the heat may not be distributed evenly throughout the pot.

Overall, both types of rice cookers have their own strengths and limitations. The IH rice cooker is ideal for those who want precise and consistent results, while the Micom rice cooker is a good choice for smaller households or those on a budget.

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Step 3: Pick the MODEL of Japanese Rice Cooker that suits your needs!

Once you have determined the appropriate size and type of rice cooker for your needs, it’s time to choose the specific model that will best suit your preferences!

Below, you will find categorized links that showcase a range of Japanese rice cooker brands and models to help you make an informed decision:

Take your time to browse through the different models and compare their features, functions, and prices before making a final decision. With a little bit of research and careful consideration, you can find the perfect Japanese rice cooker that will elevate your rice cooking experience to new heights!

If you’re still unsure about which Japanese rice cooker to choose, you may find it helpful to check out a comparison of different models and sizes. Click this link to view a detailed comparison chart that breaks down the key features and specifications of various Japanese rice cooker models:

This comparison chart can help you to identify the differences between models and find the one that meets your specific needs. Remember to consider factors such as size, cooking functions, and price as you make your decision. With the help of this comparison chart, you can confidently select the Japanese rice cooker that is right for you!